December Newsletter

‘Tis the season to be Jolly!  I’m so excited for December.  My Christmas wish is that everyone is safe and happy.  We are getting ready for our competitive season with our teams.  It’s crunch time and we are pushing hard for great form, safety and great attitudes.  I asked my Junior Olympic team girls what was important to them when they went to competition and they all said it wasn’t about the ribbons but about feeling personal success and having fun.  I just about cried.  I’m so glad they are learning what I feel is important.  I expected to hear “I want first place.”  From the many years I of teaching, I have learned that every kid has their gifts and their weaknesses.  My job is to show them what to do with both and learn to love the journey and not just the end result.

Drill/Tumbling Class little Recital

For this class we have showing you a dance routine and some tumbling skills on Thursday the 20th.  We’ll be presenting the routine the last 10 minutes of there class.  It’s a simple routine that isn’t quite polished but was fun to put together and have the kids do.  This just helps to build there skill as dancers and tumblers and shows you a little of what they can do and what we are working on this year.  So have fun and come for at least the last 10 minutes of class so we can show what a great time we are having.

Boys Big Air Class 

On there last class day before the break, we are inviting you to come watch the last 10 minutes of class to have them show off some of there skills.  Come see what they have been learning.  We don’t have routines at this time but we are having a great time building there skills.  This will be on Friday the 21st.

Level 1 – 3 & Tops Inner Squad Competition and Exhibition for Team Girls

We are gearing up for our semi-annual competition for our level 1’s, level 2’s, level 3’s and our Tops girls.  New this year, we will be showing off our team girls and letting them perform for you.  They will not be judged but will get to show their favorite event to you. This helps them get ready for their competition season as well.  Why do we put on a competition for you? It’s great way for us to show the athletes off and show them how much fun competition can be.  It also is a time that we evaluate them and see if they are ready for the next level.  We believe in competition because it builds character and pushes a person to do more than they thought they could do.  Also it shows them that hard work pays off or they need to do a little more.

Here is what you need to know:

Competition Day: Saturday, December 22nd

Where: at our gym

What your athlete wears:  a nice fitting leotard with shorts (please make sure no underwear or cheek can hang out)  hair nicely pulled back and completely out of the face and that’s it!

When: Level 1’s 9:00 am  

When: Level 2’s, Level 3’s and Tops 1:00 pm

The competition will be about 2 1/2 to 3 hours long.

Competition Fee: $12.00

Due by: December 17th

Please make sure you pay your dues and get registered for this event.  I have to purchase ribbons and need to know who will be there.  This is not mandatory.  So if you can’t be there or your child is really shy, don’t worry.  But please let us know if you can’t so we don’t bug you.  We’ll evaluate them at a different time and you can come in on a regular day and watch there progress.  But we do encourage all to attend.  It’s a great event and many parents love seeing their kids perform.

For the Parents:

How do you act at a competition?  Cheer, get excited, take pictures (no flash however) and encourage positive sportsmanship.  Not every child is going to stand on the first place podium.  Be happy for there accomplishments.  It takes guts to get out there and perform. Remember, this is not a serious competition, it’s more of an evaluation for the coaches and a fun performance for you guys.  This ribbons are for the kids.  Please don’t think gymnastics isn’t for them if they are last place.  It just means they have more to overcome and as long as they love it, they need it more than anyone else and they’ll benefit more than anyone else.  Gymnastics builds more than just what the eye can see.  Stick with us long enough and you’ll see….

For the Team Girls:

You’re invited to our inner squad competitions as guests and not competitors.  We would like you to show off your stuff to help you get ready for competition.  You are not required to participate and do not have to a competition fee since you’ll not be receiving ribbons.  You will be picking your favorite event and showing that during the competition.  You’ll also help with competition.  You’ll cheer on the younger kids and work behind the scenes to help the competition run smooth.  Please wear your competitive leo and warm ups with your hair tied back nicely.  Let me know if you’ll be attending and I will tell you which session to attend.  I will be mixing the Xcel and Jo athletes sessions so they can see each other show off.  I’m excited to have you come and be apart of this fun event.

Christmas Tree Lane

As most of you know, I’ve decided to put a tree up for Christmas tree lane.  We are taking pictures so that I can hang them on the tree.  So stop by and see the tree this year.  Let’s show everyone how awesome it is to be a Big Rock Gymnast!

Winter Recess Dates:

Closed December 24th – January 1st

We’ll be open again on January 2nd.  I hope you all find yourself having a wonderful holiday.

I think that’s it everyone!  Thanks for reading our newsletters and staying involved with the gym and your child’s success!  We look forward to seeing you all at our competition.


Coach Carrie