Summer Games

This is the competition we look forward to the most.  The girls love the medals and the college atmosphere.  Our new level 4 girls came out strong.  I was surprised they did as well as they did. I don’t have there scores yet but I’ve got some pictures up of there medals.

1 st All Around girls

Natalie Turner, Kaitlyn Jackman

1st Place Event Winners

Leliah T., Brynn Christensen, Marisa Franks

Everyone else still did very well.  I apologize that I do not have there scores this time but we are proud of everyone who went.


State Meet Competition for Junior Olympic Team

May 18th 2012

This year we decided to go to STATE!  This is the first time in the history of this gym that we went.  We had a great first year with many successes.  I think the team came away feeling strong and happy.  We train hard because we love it and competitions like State are our way of expressing our talent.  It’s important that we train the girls to feel good about there personal accomplishments.  I heard just about every girl tell me something they felt great about at state.  How cool is that?  Even if they didn’t place well on the podium they knew they could walk away with there head held high and feeling good about themselves.  That to me was my greatest success at State.


Level 6

14 th Place, Radisyn Jensen 33.050 out of 17 girls

Level 5

6th Place, Mackenzie Scoville 32.650 out of 15 girls

2nd Place, Casey Ott, 31.275 out of 9 girls

3rd Place, Leliah Taufatofua, 33.475 out of 7 girls

3rd Place, Payton Olsen, 32.825 out of 5 girls

4th Place, Carrol Taufatofua, 30.975 out of 5 girls

Level 4

1st Place Natalie Turner, 34.325 out of 3 girls

5th Place, Madi Lewis, 34.725 out of 13 girls

6th Place, Sadie Sorenson, 32.550 out of 11 girls

11th Place, Brynn Christensen, 34.325 out of 13 girls

I think our girls did great!  We had tough competition but that’s what makes us strive harder to be better.  We love the challenge.

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Critique Meet Re-Cap

December 10th’s Critque Meet went very well.  This was the first competition our Xcel group went to.  So for most of the girls it was there first “real” competition.  They were excited and could hardly contain themselves.  They were very respectful and responsible.  I feel they conducted themselves well.  You all came prepared and to followed the requirements for hair-dos.  I did see some underwear sticking out that wasn’t black however on a few of the girls.  Please check for that before the next meet.

A few of the girls blanked a little on floor, which is to be expected at a first meet.  It’s hard to orient yourself when you are in a new gym set up.  They’ll remember to pay more attention I think to there routines now that they know the pressure of going to a new gym.  I’m so glad we went to this because it put some perspective on the subject of competition for you (parents) and the athletes.  Other than those few things (underwear and routine orientation) I think it went better than expected!  One of our girls placed 3rd All around out of 45 competitors.  They just lumped all the scores  together since they weren’t handing out medals.  I think this is fantastic considering it’s the first meet!

I had lots of nice compliments from the parents about the meet that I wanted to post.  One put me to tears so I thought I would share it.  Thank you all so much for your support.  It means so much to us at Big Rock.

From Rachael Tanner

I just thought I would take a minute and tell you about our experience today. This was Anna’s first time in another gym and she was so nervous! I thought they did a great job and I was super proud to tell the other parents that we were there with BIG ROCK! I am especially glad that you had us get the warm ups. They did need them. I personally liked ours the best simply because they had the girls’ names on them so again thank you for going the extra mile to make that happen. We had a great time. Anna talked about her teammates and how much fun that was all the way home. We are excited for the next one and just wanted you to know how much we appreciate all of your hard work! We know that this is a comparatively small group and that it’s tough to feel like you are keeping up with the other gyms. For the record, I think they held their own. Don’t give up on us! This is a great gym, and a great program. We love and appreciate you!

Barefoot Gymnastics Meet Results

Barefoot was so AWESOME!! Our best scores yet to date!  Again we took the FIRST PLACE TEAM AWARD.  What an accomplishment for us as a team.  This is Big Rocks second season under Carrie Mann and Lettie Jenson.  To take two first place team awards there second year out is big for Richfield.  As far as we know it’s only been done once before in this valley for gymnastics.  Yes, we are patting our backs, but we’ve worked very hard for this.  We as coaches have grown so much this year.  Always looking for new and better ways to teach.  It’s been a really great year.  We only have one more meet coming up in June.  Summer Games, here we come!

April 16th 2011

Team Score 105.900

(If it’s outlined in bold print then it means they took first place on the event)

Payton Olsen Vault 9.2, Bars 8.150, Beam 9.0, Floor 8.2, All Around 34.550

Chelsea Kailey Vault 8.8, Bars 8.150 Beam 8.1, Floor 8.5, All Around 34.25

Carrol Taufatofua Vault 0.00, Bars 7.85, Beam 8.6, Floor 0.0 (she had an injury and had to scratch vault and floor)

Leilah Taufatofua Vault 9.2, Bars 8.0, Beam 9.0, Floor 8.650, All Around 34.850

Cayleigh Chamberlain Vault 9.150, Bars 7.6, Beam 7.9, Floor 8.2, All Around 32.850

Mackenzie Scoville Vault 9.0, Bars 8.7, Beam 8.5, Floor 8.3, All Around 34.50

Alisi Taufatofua Vault 9.250, Bars 7.2, Beam 8.0, Floor 8.8 All Around 33.250

Radisyn Jensen Vault 7.4, Bars 7.55, Beam 8.5, Floor 8.525, All Around 31.975

Hunts Gymnastics Meet

Hunts gymnastics was a little bit of a humbling experience.  Some of our girls performed better but some had a few mistakes that weren’t usual.  In a way I like having an experience such as this because it teaches everyone.  We learned that our girls need to get there game face on sooner.  So we worked really hard on that for the next week and had a much better meet result this weekend in St. George at Barefoot Gymnastics.  All in all though it was fun and we still took FIRST PLACE TEAM AWARD!!

April 9th 2011

Leilah Taufatofua  Vault 9.0, Bars 9.25, Beam 8.5, Floor 9.0, All Around 35.750

Chelsea Kailey   Vault 8.9, Bars 9.25, Beam 7.575, Floor 7.6, All Around 33.325

Cayleigh Chamberlain   Vault 9.0, Bars 7.0, Beam 7.5, Floor 8.8, All Around 32.30

Mackenzie Scoville    Vault 8.8, Bars 8.325, Beam 6.5, Floor 8.50, All Around 31.675

Payton Olsen    Vault 8.65, Bars 7.0, Beam 6.8, Floor 8.775, All Around 31.225

Alisi Taufatofua    Vault 9.25, Bars 6.3, Beam 6.7, Floor 8.9, All Around 31.150

Carrol Taufatofua   Vault 8.8, Bars 6.45, Beam 7.3, Floor 8.3 All Around 30.850

Radisyn Jensen   (need to be entered)

Airtime Gymnastics Meet Results

We had a great competition at Airtime Gymnastics in Springville. It was tough and had a ton of girls! There were 64 level 4 Competitors. So we are proud to announce our placements at that meet. Our girls are continually striving to better there scores. It shows! Just take a look.

March 19th 2011

Leilah Taufatofua   All Around 36.10         

Chelsea Kailey  All Around 34.50

Payton Olsen All Around 33.775

Carrol Taufatofua  All Around 33.075

Mackenzie Scoville  All Around 32.925

Cayleigh Chamberlain  All Around 32.525

Casey Ott  All Around 31.525

Radisyn Jensen  All Around 31.50 (I think)

This was Casey’s first meet.  She did very well.  Last year when we competed it was hard to even get a 31.00 all around for everyone.  So for her first time out this is a great accomplishment.  Many of our girls placed first on there events.  Unfortunately this meet did not give us the individual event scores.  We are proud of them no matter what!  They have the courage to get up there an perform with all there heart.  It’s such a privilage to work with these girls.  They are seriously the most talent bunch of girls in all of Sevier County.  We’ll prove it if you don’t believe us!

Our Junior Olympic Gymnastics Team DID IT!!!

Our Latest Competition Results

Last week we ignited the fire within.  Our team girls did there best and it showed.  We have so much to be proud of.  We worked really hard this year as coaches and team members to make these results happen.  Here are our girls individual results for the Arete Gymnastics meet in Lindon, UT:

Mackenzie Scoville

Vault 3rd Place, Bars 3rd Place, Beam 3rd Place, Floor 5th Place

All Around  3rd Place

Alisi Taufatofua

Vault 1st Place, Bars 4th Place, Beam 5th Place, Floor 4th Place

All Around  4th Place

Cayleigh Chamberlain

Vault 1st Place, Bars 3rd Place, Beam 3rd Place, Floor 3rd Place

All Around  3rd Place

Leilah Taufatofua

Vault 1st Place, Bars 2nd Place, Beam 1st Place, Floor 5th Place

All Around  1st Place

Chelsea Kailey

Vault 5th Place, Bars 1st Place, Beam 5th Place, Floor 2nd Place

All Around 2nd Place

Payton Olsen

Vault 4th Place, Bars 4th Place, Beam 6th Place, Floor 6th Place

All Around  5th Place

Radisyn Jensen

Vault 2nd Place, Bars 3rd Place, Beam 1st Place, Floor 1st Place

All Around  1st Place

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Carrol Taufatofua

Vault 3rd Place, Bars 5th Place, Beam 3rd Place, Floor 4th Place

All Around 2nd Place

Hadley Fautin

Vault 2nd Place, Bars 2nd Place, Beam 2nd Place, Floor 2nd Place

All Around  2nd Place

McKenzie Jensen

Vault 3rd Place, Bars 3rd Place, Beam 3rd Place, Floor 3rd Place

All Around  3rd Place

Check out some of our routines from the meet on

You Tube: Big Rock Gymnastics