Big Rock Gymnastics has been owned by Carrie and Charly Mann for the last 3 years.  We’ve worked very hard to have a great reputation in the community.  Each child that comes through that door is shown love, admiration, respect and an education about life skills.  We believe that we can help everyone to be stronger mentally and physically, goal oriented, respectful, loving and just an all around better person.  We love sharing our knowledge for the sports we grew up in.  Charly is one of the nations top jiu jitsu martial art instructors.  Not only does he work with the kids in Richfield but he works at a top facility in Salt Lake working with olympic hopefulls and MMA professional fighters.  He’s been called the “the encyclopedia of martial art moves.”  He knows almost everything about it!  Of course there is always more to learn and we never stop.  Why would we?  It gets boring when you stop discovering your passions.

Carrie was a gymnast, cheerleader and weight lifter in her youth.  She gives her all everyday for those kids.  She thrives on kids growing and learning what she has to share.  Each little moment of success for those kids feels like heaven to her.  Carrie does well to keep everyone organized, takes care of the parents and employees along with other managerial duties.  Some of her biggest successes were last years 1st place Team Award for her level 4 JO Team, TWICE!  That has not been done in this community in a very long time, if ever!  She knows her competition and works just as hard as they do to keep up and NEVER lets the small town syndrome hold her back.  The kids here are just as talented and gifted as kids anywhere!

Call us anytime!  435-893-8264

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