Competition Time! Epic’s Invitational at the Expo Center

Dear Big Rock Enthusiasts,

We just love gymnastics.  Epic Gymnastics hosted a great meet this weekend, January 24th – 25th 2014.  Our girls held it together very well.  I’m so impressed with how they conduct themselves at competitions.  It takes a lot of guts to get out there and do what they do.  They love it but it’s not easy. We have a great Xcel team this year.  I love how the girls support each other. They all get a long famously.  They also have a lot of heart.  Some are learning how to concur their fears, some are learning how tough gymnastics really is.  All in all they are learning and growing.  That is so important to us coaches.  Some successes we had at this meet are the following….

Bronze Level Team took 2nd Place!

Epic Invitational 2nd Place 2014

Bronze Level Girls:

Hanna Kailey took 5th place on Vault with a 9.15 (she flew high!)

Jamie Holt took 1st Place on Bars with a 9.675 (highest bar score so far for a Bronze at our gym)

Sophie Palmer took 3rd place on Bars with a 9.450 (super clean)

Kambree Roberts took 1st place on Bars with a 9.5IMG_0985 (all smiles)

Silver Level Girls:

Ashley Talbot got an 8.7 on Beam and did her back walkover by herself!

Anna Tanner got an 8.050 on Floor and really showed it off!

Kaitlyn Jackman got an 8.750 on Vault and took 1st place (blocked higher than I’ve ever seen her do before)

Marisa Franks got a 9.0 on bars and took 5th place (nice to see a 9.0 on bars in the Silver level, way to go Marisa!)

Alysen Talbot got an 8.45 on beam and also did her back walkover beautifully

Kimmie Christensen go a 9.1 on bars and took 2nd place (can’t wait to see what this girls does next!)


I think our girls do great with the time they are given in the gym.  Our Bronze and Silver level gymnasts spend on average 6 hours a week in the gym.  Most of our competitors for the same levels spend about 9.  I think we do alright for the time we have.  I of course wish we could do more but we have to find a balance for the kids and families involved with gymnastics as well as our coaching schedule.  We love what we do and most importantly we look for success in many different ways, not just how we place on the podium.

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