Fall Sign Ups Begin!!

Hey Everyone!!  It’s a great time to sign your child up for gymnastics.  We begin our new 20130406-SLP_6392season August 26th, 2013.  Here are some key points you’ll want to know about signing up…

1.  Registration is 25.00 per child or 50.00 per family (all current students will need to re-register as well) Please go to our website and download the registration form.  Fill out and bring back to us.  http://www.bigrockgymnastics.com

2.  Monthly tuition is due the last week of the month to pay for the new month forward.  If you pay within this time frame you get the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT.  If after the 1st of the month please add 5.00 to your payment

3.  Please have your child dressed ready to workout.  This means Leotard, tight shorts (skirts get tied up in the bars and coaches hands so we do not prefer them), hair pulled back and jewelry off.  Street clothes are not allowed as zippers, buttons and lose fitting clothing are safety hazards.  Shorts and t-shirt for boys.


POLICIES in our gym (very important)

4.  Please do not leave an unattended child to watch their friend.  We do not allow children to stay and watch for liability reasons

5.  Parents are recommend to come watch once a month but we prefer not more than that.    The reason is it makes children less focused on learning and they feel the pressure of parents watching.  But we do want you to see what we are all about, so visit occasionally.

6.  Parents are encouraged to not coach from the bench.  It makes the child feel embarrassed, the coach feels like they aren’t doing a good enough job and it puts added pressure on everyone.  Gymnastics skills and form come when the child’s body is ready.  Muscles have to be built, stamina has to be gained, and confidence has to be earned.  These take time.  We promise to do our very best in coaching your child.  Your child will respond better knowing that you love them no matter how they perform.  Always let us know if we can do more though, just tell us after class on the side.

These policies come to us from USA Gymnastics.  They are in place to help ensure quality and safety along with the right emotional support from everyone.  We want the best for your child, so help us make everyone’s experience better.

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