Xcel Barefoot Gymnastics Competition

January 19th 2013

Marisa on floor

Marisa on floor

Some surprising events happened at this years Barefoot competition.  Casey, our newest member to the team, did very well at her first competition.  She took first on Vault with a 9.15!  Alysen took 2nd place All around and first place on beam with a 8.85.  Kimmi took 4th all around and got a 9.1 on Bars!  Anna took 7th all around and her highest score was vault with an 8.6.  Ashley took 8th place all around and got a 9.1 on bars!  Marisa took 2nd all around and got an 8.5 on bars and Kaitlyn was 3rd all around with an 8.6 on beam.  All in all, I think we had a good time.  I’m so blessed to be around such positive girls and parents.  Each time we go to a competition we learn and grow from the experience.  Thank you all for your participation.

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January Newsletter

Happy New Year!!!  Were gearing up for our Spring Season.  Lots of fun stuff to come.  It’s competition time for our team girls and we are ready this year.  I can’t wait to post our next successes.

We have a lot of girls moving up right now, so please check to see if you’ve received an email on that.  If you haven’t gotten an email, that means they will stay in there same level but also work next level up skills.  It just means they weren’t quit ready and need a little more time to improve.  Gymnastics is not a very fast progressing sport because there is so much to learn.  Many girls do two sessions of the same level before they move up, some even three.  It just depends.  Always come to me though if you have any questions about that.

The Spring Weekly Calendar – (check to see if your class is still at the same time.  I did have to re-arrange a few classes.)

News about Level 1+ Class:

We put this class together to show that your children will still be progressing at this level.  The “+” stands for doing more skills than just level 1.  We are still going to be challenging your child at level 1 and they will still think it’s cool to come.

Big Rock Competitive Cheer Program

big rock cheer logoGet ready because we’re starting up a cheer program.  We are going to be different than other cheer programs.  After being in the community for almost 4 years now, I feel like Big Rock has grown a reputation of raising great kids.  That’s what we intend to continue with our cheer program.

Why we are different:

1.  We have experience – I was a cheerleader myself, I’ve run a cheer program before, and we continually educate ourselves on the latest techniques and requirements

2.  We know how to work hard – Our trick is starting with the right group of people to begin with.  Everyone on the squad is required to have been a former gymnast or tumbler with us.  Therefore already setting the bar high for form, positive attitude, discipline and so much more.

3.  Setting a new standard for Cheer – With cheer there are some stereo types that aren’t the best.  We intend to show that our cheerleaders have the highest set of standards and look to cheer as a serious sport.

4.  Coming from a gymnastics background – With gymnastics in all of our blood, we can go out there and really show off.  I’m so excited to put together an elite team with high level of performance.

Requirements to be on the team

(read carefully and work hard to full fill the requirements so that one day you can be on the team)

1.  Must be a former tumbler or gymnast at Big Rock (if you aren’t sign up now and get the experience)

2.  Must have a positive attitude

3.  Must have a back handspring

4.  Must be willing to be to practice & competition every time (that means skipping friends birthdays, family parties and fun activities if it lands on practice day)  This is a team sport and requires excellent attendance and dedication.  Part of the reason why you have to be a gymnast or tumbler first is so that I know your dedication and attendance history.

5.  Must be 14 yrs or younger (age requirements are set by the governing body of cheerleading)

That’s it!  It’s a lot I know but I feel it’s necessary to provide everyone involved a positive and educational environment.

If this is something you are interested in please let me know.  We hope to get the cheer program off and running in April or May depending on who is interested.  I will only be taking up to 15 people this year.  Make sure you get your name on the list if your are interested.

Call Coach Carrie 893-8264

Have a happy New Year!