September/October Newsletter

New Faces!

What a great month September has been.  We’ve enjoyed getting to meet all the new faces at the gym.  We hope your kids have enjoyed what they have learned so far.  There is a lot more to learn however.  So try really hard not to miss a practice.  We cherish every moment we get to teach them bigger and better things.

We are “CHUNKING” this year!

In gymnastics each class builds on the last. The skills learned in prior classes become the building blocks for advanced gymnastic skills in future classes. Because it is so important to master a skill before moving on to another, Big Rock Gym is adopting a new and improved coaching technique this year that we describe as “chunking.”
This coaching technique will break down each skill into smaller and even smaller yet “chunks” that students will find much easier to digest, follow and master. In other words, the more a skill can be broken down and taught into parts, the easier it is to master the skill.

We are dedicated to improving your child’s experience at Big Rock Gymnastics. Myself and all the coaches look forward to seeing the light bulb go on in each child’s head as this new coaching technique is implemented.

What to do if your child is sick…

Please let them rest at home.  We want them to feel good when them come and work out and also not spread the illness if it is contagious. So thank you in advance for your consideration.  Please call us and let us know if it will be a few days that they will be gone. Team girls should always call when they are not able to make it.  We don’t like to worry and we do when the kids aren’t there.

What to do if you want to do a make up?

Call me (Carrie) and see if there is a class available to do a make up in.  We like advanced notice so we can make sure we have enough coaches and that you are in the right class.

Halloween Party Week…

Yes, we love Halloween so let’s get excited.  October 29th – November 2nd we are dressing up and having some fun.  They’ll get to earn treats by doing a trick!! That’s the real way to do it, right?!  Yes, they can dress up but we do have costume limitations because of the tumbling we do.  Please look at the following requirements.  I’ll send these in an email when we get closer to remind you.

1.  Hair must still be pulled back

2.  No glitter or hair dye or heavy makeup (it gets on the equipment)

3.  Feet must still be bare (no tights)

4.  Must be able to comfortably tumble and function the outfit

Team girls will not be dressing up because of the nature of their tricks.  It is too dangerous but we will still be having a little party for them.

Stayed tuned for more fun stuff to come from Big Rock!

PS. – Come celebrate your birthday in October for only 40.00 that month (10.00 discount)  Call Mary to schedule 527-4836


Here at Big Rock our goal is not only to teach gymnastics, but to provide a POSITIVE environment through teaching life skills. We aim to turn kids into hard working, goal oriented, CONFIDENT athletes!

For tips on spotting lack of self-confidence read this…

Children who suffer from a lack of confidence often OVER-COMPENSATE with these behaviors:

1. They give reasons for their actions…EXAMPLE: Your child accidentally spills the milk and immediately explains that “the glass was on the edge of the table” or “Oh, I was tired, that’s why I wasn’t paying attention.”

2. They never admit that they have problems.

3. They are defensive. This may be indicated by their responses or by their body language (by folding arms or crossing legs).

4. Immediate reply to criticism. Confident children will accept the criticism if it is true or if not just walk away with a smile because they know they are a champion.

So even though your child may not be destined to be an Olympic gymnast, they will learn to be CONFIDENT at Big Rock Gymnastics. Why? Because, the coaches at Big Rock Gymnastics know that no one is PERFECT. They know that confident children must understand that it’s human to make mistakes and that mistakes don’t change who you are.