I’ve posted the fall schedule now starting AUGUST 27TH.  Go to our website and register ONLINE!  EVERYONE (accept those who have registered recently May or June) will need to register this fall.   It’s 25.00 register and you can also do that online with Pay Pal.  You don’t have to have a pay pal account to use it.  You can also send in a check or cash at your earliest convenience.  You will be required to still sign the LIABILITY WAIVER RELEASE and bring that in to the gym with you before or on your first day of class.  They may not participate without this form so please remember to hand it in.  It’s available on our website when you fill out the registration form.
GYM CLOSED August 20th -24th (Summer Recess so you can get the kids back in school)
DRAWSTRING BAGS – If you signed up this summer or this fall, you will also be receiving a drawstring bag for your athlete to carry there gym clothes in.  Hope fully this will help everyone bring there suits with them to class. Below shows you the cute saying we put on the bags.
WE NEED YOUR OLD SUITS – If you have an old leotard that is just sitting around, bring it in and sell it to the new kids signing up this fall.  You’ll receive a credit on your account.  Suits usually go for $10-20 depending on condition and style.
Come join the fun as we celebrate the Olympics Big Rock Style!!  The WHOLE COMMUNITY is invited to participate in the fun!  So bring your friends and family members.   Please click on the blue line below to SIGN UP FOR YOUR EVENTS