March Newsletter

First of all, let me say that our Xcel team is doing a wonderful job.  This last meet was very competitive.  We are working to improve our scores.  Here are some pictures included in this months note from our Xcel girls last competition.

Anna Tanner 1st PLACE!

Important dates to come:

SPRING BREAK – Gym closed from APRIL 5th – APRIL 9th

Stayed posted for how we will run parents week and the inner squad meets for level’s 2-tops.  It will be during the last week of school in May.  I’ll clue you in when we get closer but please plan to be available for that week to come in and watch your athlete.

March has two gymnastics meets for our teams.  Junior Olympic and Xcel will be competing on the 10th in Lindon, UT.  This will be Xcel’s last competition until Summer Games.  Then we have a competition at Hunt’s  Gymnastics in Midvale for our Junior Olympic girls.  Can’t wait to see what will happen!

We’ve upgraded our website and blog as you can see.  If you have any friends interested in checking us out, please refer them to that or have them call me.  We take kids anytime!

Remember Monday Night is OPTIONALS NIGHT.  It’s a BIG hit!  We have the highest

Ashley on bars with straight legs!

attendance in that class above all other classes.  I love that these kids want the challenge.  They work hard, sweat, moan about the aches and then move forward to be they best they can be.  Every kid who participates in this class is showing improvements in all other areas of their gymnastics.  What a great addition this has been.  Let me know if you are interested.  You must be in Tops or Team to be in this class or have been a higher level gymnast.

Summer is coming!  We have lots planned.  FYI, if your child is in level 3 right now, you’re most likely going to be invited to join our TOPS (Pre-Team level 4) group starting in the summer.  It will be two days a week for 2 hours each day.  Gymnastics is a tough sport and requires year around attendance to be competitive and keep kids in shape.  Summer is where we work the harder tricks to get them ready for routines.  Your kids won’t want to miss out on a thing!  We understand that you will have vacations.  Not to worry, please take them.  I will have a discount program for when you do take that much needed vacation but it doesn’t mean you have to skip the whole month or summer just to take it.  Keep your kids busy and active through the summer.  They’ll be ahead of the game and better off for it at any level.

Jr. Grappling is going very well.  We keep having more interest each month and the boys seem to love it.  For anyone that wants to be a wrestler, come check out this program.  It’s top-notch and a great mental and physical workout for your boys.  You’ll love how we exhaust their energy and put it to constructive use.  Charly also trains at a facility up in Woods Cross training with Olympic hopeful, Ben Kjar.  He also coaches a very talented group of MMA fighters that have all done very well this season in their fights.

Kimmi focusing on beam

Another FYI, Gymnastics and Wrestling are dangerous sports.  We as coaches do all that we can to avoid such things.  Please understand when we have to ask your child to stick to our rules.  Children want boundaries and test them from time to time.  We do stick to our policies.  They are as follows –

* No standing on the wall in the front area

* Stay with your group.  Ask to go to bathroom or get a drink.

* Listen to your coaches when they are speaking.

* Wait to come onto floor when you are invited with your class.

* Do not play on equipment that you are not invited to be on.

* Do not drop from the top of the rope to the floor or swing on ropes or rings.

* Only one person at a time on the trampoline, except for 40ft tramp next door, but leave ample space between each person.

* If a coach is spotting you, do not ask them to not.  Learn from each spot that you get.  We spot often to shape kids the right way.

*  Don’t use the word “can’t.”  It’s not in our vocabulary 🙂

* No child is FORCED to do a skill.  If they aren’t ready mentally, then they aren’t ready.

getting the girls focused for their next event

We always take it back a step to the skill they can do and grow from there.  We believe kids should learn with enthusiasm and courage, not fear and being scared all the time.

* Please be ON TIME for your classes.  We have a very good warm-up that plays a huge part in their gymnastics growth.  We understand if you drive from far away and have talked to us about why you are late but if you’re not that person and need a little encouragement, then this message is for you 🙂

* Please have your childs’ hair pulled back, jewelry off, suits on, gum gone and ready for gymnastics.  It takes time out of coaching to get kids ready who don’t come ready.  We’ve had too much this lately.  This is important for kids safety.  I’ve seen zippers slash faces open, kids not perform well because of hair in their face, kids choke on gum and have heard of earings getting ripped out of ear holes.  We don’t want to take these chances.

Ashlyn going for it on bars

* Be nice and encouraging to your fellow athletes.  Build each other up and say nice things.  We do not allow kids to be negative about anything.  As soon as we hear a negative comment we are quick to have them re-phrase that to something positive.  We as coaches also say something positive first typically and then give them an encouraging correction.

Please go over these rules with your kids and ask them if they are following them all.  This will just help en grain what is expected of them.  Thank you!

Parents, I applaud you.  You’ve made the right choice to come to our gym.  Read below and see all of the benefits of gymnastics if you haven’t all ready.  I hope you see these developments in your child.  Of course come to us if you don’t.  We never want to leave a child behind in our program and would hate for a problem to go un-solved and lead to unnecessary quitting.

I’ll leave you with a wonderful message from a parent here at Big Rock!

     “You are so amazing and I love what you do for these girls.  Nicole just loves gymnastics.  It

Nicole on beam

use to be that she liked it and it was fun.  But, now she loves it and lives for it, she practices her hand stands and leaps, etc all the time, she just really really enjoys it.  Everything that you do for these girls is so appreciated by me and my husband, he is even excited to go to the meets and see how they have all improved.  We thank you so much for your love and joy in what you do.  We can see the happiness it brings to you as well as them when they accomplish hard things.  You are wonderful.  Thanks Lorraine Borrowman”

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