December Re-Cap Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to make sure we were all informed about the break, meets, and parents day.


December 23rd – January 2nd (open back on Tuesday the 3rd)


Beginning Level 1 – Tuesday 20th or Thursday 22nd (whichever day your child comes on)

Level 2   – Wednesday 21st (Closed friday so last practice is Wednesday)

Tops – Thursday 22nd (First hour of class)

Xcel Team – Thursday 22nd (First hour of class)

Junior Olympic Team – Wednesday 21st (first hour of class but you can stay the whole time)

Boys Big Air – Monday 19th

Power Tumbling (Tuesday class) Tuesday 20th

Power Tumbling (Thursday Class) Thursday 22nd


For all our power tumblers that are competing – we are getting close.  Please look at the schedule below for the meet dates, fees and when they are due.  SOME DATES HAVE CHANGED so please re-do your calendar.  Locations and Address are coming for these meets


Where: Delta

Fee:  40.00

Due: January 5th


Where: Helper

Fee: 40.00

Due: February 15th

When: MARCH 31ST

Where: Fillmore

Fee: 40.00

Due: March 15th


Where: Price

Fee: 55.00

Due: April 15th

UNIFORMS for tumblers –

Girls will be wearing a blue leo with black shorts.  The set is $51.00.  Sorry for the price increase this year but GK is no longer giving discounts for small orders.  I’m considering jeweling them to dress them up a bit.  Let me know what you think.  This would add another 10-15.00 to the outfit.  Used ones are available at the gym so please check there first.

Boys will be wearing a black Hanes Tank top and Navy Blue Hanes shorts.  The total price is 25.00 if I can order it all together.  If separate you have to pay additional for shipping.  I would like to get the boys a more professional shirt to match the girls but we are just starting out and I want everyone to get a feel for how much fun this is.  We’ll keep that in mind for next year.

Fees for Outfits Due: January 5th

Please get your fees in on time so I can place the order and get the outfits here in time for competition.

On the list to compete are the following so far:

Grayson, Cameron, Taylor, TJ, Nikki, Dannielle, Passion, Paras, Kailey Jensen

Others that really should consider competing are:

Everyone else in tumbling!!!

So please let me know so I can get you on the list.  They have all started learning routines and should be ready to compete.



Yes, we are going to host a gymnastics meet for levels 1,2, and Tops.  Coach Lettie and I will be judging and our other coaches will be leading the kids through there events.  Every kid will receive a ribbon for participating and get the chance to see what a competition is all about.  Please, don’t miss out on this event.  The kids are looking forward to getting scores for there routines.  This is also there final evaluation before we move them to the next level.  Class times will not change for anyone, it just means we’ll get to work on the next level higher for each class.  So level 1’s will stay in the same class and time but work on level 2 skills and routines.  You may opt to go twice a week starting in January for level 1’s if you can swing it.  More time in the gym means more time developing.

When: January 14th

Time: Level 1 – 9:00 am

Level 2 and tops 12:00 pm

Fee: 10.00

Due by: January 6th

What to wear:  Wear there nicest, best fitting leo, with shorts.  Hair should be pulled back and completely out of face.  Please do a fun cute hair do.  No jewelry or nail polish.

 Jr. Grappling News

We have belts!  The kids should have brought home a belt in the last two weeks.  Please have them wear the belt to class every time.  We will be doing testing for next level up belts bi-anually.  The next level up will not always be given.  They must prove certain competencies and knowledge.

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