Critique Meet Re-Cap

December 10th’s Critque Meet went very well.  This was the first competition our Xcel group went to.  So for most of the girls it was there first “real” competition.  They were excited and could hardly contain themselves.  They were very respectful and responsible.  I feel they conducted themselves well.  You all came prepared and to followed the requirements for hair-dos.  I did see some underwear sticking out that wasn’t black however on a few of the girls.  Please check for that before the next meet.

A few of the girls blanked a little on floor, which is to be expected at a first meet.  It’s hard to orient yourself when you are in a new gym set up.  They’ll remember to pay more attention I think to there routines now that they know the pressure of going to a new gym.  I’m so glad we went to this because it put some perspective on the subject of competition for you (parents) and the athletes.  Other than those few things (underwear and routine orientation) I think it went better than expected!  One of our girls placed 3rd All around out of 45 competitors.  They just lumped all the scores  together since they weren’t handing out medals.  I think this is fantastic considering it’s the first meet!

I had lots of nice compliments from the parents about the meet that I wanted to post.  One put me to tears so I thought I would share it.  Thank you all so much for your support.  It means so much to us at Big Rock.

From Rachael Tanner

I just thought I would take a minute and tell you about our experience today. This was Anna’s first time in another gym and she was so nervous! I thought they did a great job and I was super proud to tell the other parents that we were there with BIG ROCK! I am especially glad that you had us get the warm ups. They did need them. I personally liked ours the best simply because they had the girls’ names on them so again thank you for going the extra mile to make that happen. We had a great time. Anna talked about her teammates and how much fun that was all the way home. We are excited for the next one and just wanted you to know how much we appreciate all of your hard work! We know that this is a comparatively small group and that it’s tough to feel like you are keeping up with the other gyms. For the record, I think they held their own. Don’t give up on us! This is a great gym, and a great program. We love and appreciate you!

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