October’s Newsletter

Halloween is this month and the kids are getting excited.  We have a tradition that I started last year where they learn how to set a goal and if they achieve they get to bring a friend to Halloween Week!  It had great reviews last year so I’m trying it again for our Level One’s, Two’s, and Boys Big Air only.  This week they are establishing there goal and hopefully they’ll be able to achieve it next week.  If they do, then they’ll bring home a permission slip for there friends parents to sign and bring with them to the Halloween Party. Please help them at home to work on the trick they pick over and over again.  It should be simple but we’ll be looking for relatively tight form and completion of the trick.  We will be pretty stricked about setting the goal and achieving it.  They are the ones setting it so they are responsible for working on it outside the gym as well.  Next week our classes will look a little chaotic because they’ll be concentrating on the one trick until they get it passed off.  They are not required to bring a friend if they did pass off there goal.  Also if they did pass off there goal and didn’t get a permission slip from us, please contact me.  Some kids didn’t pay attention last year and didn’t take the slip and then felt bad about it.  I don’t want anyone to feel bad if they earned it.  Now, if your child didn’t pass off there goal, take the time to talk to them about never giving up and trying harder on the next challenge.  Kids learn through these experiences of  being disappointed in themselves.  That’s why I don’t take that opportunity away by giving in and giving them what they want.  Not everyone is always going to be first place.  And why would you want to be?  First place would mean nothing without the challenge.


I’m going to be offering competing to these groups this year.  I love what it does for them.  It takes there hard work and gives them a chance to show off what they’ve accomplished.  We compete with a group called Southern Utah Tumbling Association (SUTA) This is a non-profit group of gyms like mine that get together 4 times a year and competes with each other.  You can compete from Level 1 to 10.  All kids in the tumbling and boys group are able to do this.  If you would like to compete let me know so that we can work them towards there goals and teach them there routines.  I encourage everyone to give this a shot but it’s not mandatory for the classes.

Here is what you need to know:

Outfit Cost – 42-52.00 dollars (no warm ups this year) just a leo and shorts or boys shirt and shorts

Competition fees – $30.00 for regular meets, $45.00 for State meet

Competition Dates: (subject to change if THEY need to)

January 28th in Delta

March 3rd in Helper

April 7th in Fillmore

May 5th State Meet in Price

Your child will be able to compete at the level they can perform the routines at well.  If they cannot do at least Level One with confidence then they will not be able to compete.  We are preparing them now for these routines.

There are three events in Tumbling – Tramp, Double Mini, & Floor.  If you’d like to know more about it and get involved please go to USA Gymnastics website and look at there information.  If your child is competing, I will email there routines and levels to you.  They can move up or down in levels and they don’t have to compete each event at the same level.  You can compete level 3 double mini, level 4 floor, and level 2 tramp if there is where your skill level is at.

Please, as always, ask me if you have questions.  I’m sure I didn’t put down everything you need to know but this will get us started.

Next on the agenda is what our focus is for each group at the gym.  Here is a little bit about what we are working on.

Tiny Stars –

I’ve divided the class into two days.  Now it’s also on Mondays from 2:00-2:45 and Tuesdays from 10:00-10:45.  We are working on our gymnastics vocabulary, simple tricks, body shaping, and muscle development.

Level One –

Teaching basic skills along with vocabulary.  We make them say the word a lot for the skill and teach them there basic body shapes so that when the tricks get harder they understand.  We work on breaking down the skill in to several pieces so they understand the mechanics of it.  This group will start to learn routines in November to prepare for Decembers Parents day before the holiday break.

Level Two –

We are working on connection of skills and what will be in there routines come November.  In December we’ll be having a parents day for them to show you all they have achieved at this level.  After the holidays they’ll be working there level 3 skills and routines.  I’m so proud of this class and there development.  These kids have really come a long way and love the class.

Boys Big Air –

Wow, I can’t even tell you how excited I get to teach this class.  You must think I’m nuts!  But I absolutely love this group.  I’m excited that we have figured out how to get them focused.  They are learning fast.  I hope to be competing with these boys this year.  Read the info above about tumbling competitions and see our plans for that.

Tumbling Classes –

I have a younger group and an older group.  My younger group I just started so we are a little behind but they are learning fast and laughing a lot.  That class keeps me going.  All smiles out of those young ladies.  My older group has been challenged on the skill they each need to get on all the events I mentioned above.  Let’s give these guys another reason to come to tumbling by letting them compete.

Tops Group –

They are well on there way with routines.  It’s a little rough at first getting there routine down.  It’s a big jump from Level 3 to Level 4 for some reason.  So be patient with there form.  It will come once the routine becomes second nature.  I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

Xcel Team –

We are gearing up to compete.  I’ve still been working on the dates for competition.  They can be found on our calendar on our website under “weekly schedule” and then go to the bottom and click on “calendar.”  These are proposed dates and we’ll be more concrete as the information comes from the gyms.  I’m also working on an inner squad meet for November.  It will be a meet at our gym.  The proposed cost will be 20.00 and will be on a Saturday before Thanksgiving break.  I’m still putting this together with the judges that will come down and maybe another gym that will come and participate with us.

Junior Olympic Team –

We are lookin’ sharp!  We have tested there skills and continue to perfect every little detail.  These guys really do put up with a lot of critique and demand from us coaches.  What a great group of girls to push themselves this hard.  I feel that this next competition season is going to be great!  Get ready for an inner squad meet in November and will probably have another on in February to get them ready for March when they start there season.  The dates for competing are on our website under “weekly schedule” and then “calendars” at the bottom of the page.  These are proposed dates and are not final until I get the information from the gyms.


We need to register them with USA GYMNASTICS before they compete.  Please come to the gym and fill out a registration form and pay 54.00 to get them registered.


This month I will be working on warm-ups.  Looks like Walmart isn’t carrying the warms suits I had for the girls last year.  I was hoping they wouldn’t do this but they don’t sell it anymore.  So we’ll have to pick new ones.   If you have any ideas, please let me know.  Thanks!

I think that’s it for the news for now.   Please call me if you have any questions! 893-8264 See you in the GYM!

Coach Carrie