Septembers Newsletter

Welcome New Parents and Athletes!!!

We are excited to get the fall season going.  It’s going to be fun discovering all the new kids and there personalities.  I’d like to talk to you all about the goals of our gym.  We give them to your kids all the time but did you know that we had them too?  We practice what we preach here at Big Rock!


Is to provide a fun but safe atmosphere for your kids.  We have rules and policies that we enforce to help them to be safe.  Here are the rules that we tell your children.

1.  Have fun!!

2.  Athletes must wait to be invited out on to the floor.  They are only allowed on when participating in a class

3.  Stay with your group.  If you need to go the bathroom or get a drink of water, you need to ask your coach before you go.  This is so we can keep track of the kids.

4.  Don’t stand on the wall in the waiting area.  We don’t want them to fall and hurt themselves.  If you see a child doing this will you please help enforce this policy?

5.  Only one person at a time on the trampoline in the big gym and keep a safe distance on our 40 ft trampoline.

6.  Choose to use the words “I’ll try or will you help me?” instead of “I can’t.”  We are training them to not have doubt before they even try.  Also this programs your children to think positively about the obstacles in front of them.


To shape your child in a positive way.  We rarely use negative consequences in our gym.  Mostly we try to NOT give attention to the bad behavior and praise for the good behavior.  So if you see a coach not getting after a child that is goofing off, you know why.  That kid will eventually learn that goofing off won’t give you attention and that trying hard and listening to the coach will.


For our coaches to use the words “you’ll want to try…..” vs. “I want you to do…..”  We believe that children are here for themselves to learn and grow.  They aren’t here for us coaches.  So why make them do stuff for us?  I feel that we are a unique gym because of this quality and understanding of how the mind works.  We see kids give there all when they know that THEY will benefit from what they are doing.  As I’ve always said we aren’t here to just teach tricks, we are here to shape and mold your child into a better person physically AND mentally!


We as coaches will always continue to educate our selves in this sport.  We train on a regular basis and go to clinics and take education courses online to keep up with the times and good quality teaching techniques.  We also try to be on the same page as far as our techniques go so we don’t confuse the athlete.  For instance, the arms will always be straight out to the side when we leap instead of having opposition arms.  Each coach knows this and will ask for the same thing every time.  We are so blessed to have such a great staff of coaches.  They are always excited to learn and love teaching these kids.  I owe so much to my coaching staff that make this place a wonderful happy environment for your children.  Get to know them and tell them what a good job they are doing.  They deserve it!


I know this is getting ridiculous having all these goals.  But we really want to show you that we try hard and love what we do.  We want to have a clean gym with good equipment to work on.  We just recently purchased a quad bar set that we’ll be installing in the next little while.  It’s not cheap or easy to do but we want to show you that we are growing and moving forward.  I made a promise that I would always put invest back in your children so that we have better opportunities and equipment for them.  I’ve been able to do this with our continued growth and the Military grants that have become available for these children with fathers who are shipped overseas.  Thank you to those families who are sacrificing to keep our country safe.  You hold the highest honors in my heart.

We have more goals of course but these are our biggest.  Please always tell us what we can do better to serve you.  We love to grow and learn right along with your children.


We are focused on introducing the new level one athletes and boys big air how much fun gymnastics is.  You’ll see us play lots of games and not give too many corrections to our youngest children.  It’s fun to turn upside down but it’s not fun to have an overbearing coach tell you to point your toes all the time.  They’ll get plenty of that when they get used to us a little more 🙂  We’ll focus on basic gymnastics skills and try to lay a foundation of fun first rather than perfect technique.

For our level two kids we will be showing them how to connect a few skills as well as try some harder tricks.  We won’t be doing routines yet but we’ll be increasing our knowledge of putting stuff together.

Our tops girls will be excited to learn their new routines.  They’ll be getting a DVD of all their level 4 routines and how it looks to have it all put together with amazing form.  Please have them sit and watch as much as you can.  They learn by watching it over and over again.

Xcel team girls are well on their way.  They have their routines and are working very hard on perfecting the fine details.  Are focus will now start to shift to breaking the individual movements down again so that when we put it all back together it is sharper and cleaner.

Junior Olympic team girls will be working hard on their routines again now that the summer is over.  They start to feel us coaches get picky about every detail and conditioning will be a little heavier.  So if they come home complaining of being tired and sore you’ll know why.  We’ve got to get their muscles strong so they can do the trick with ease.

Our power tumbling group is in for a lot of fun flipping.  We are going to be giving them there basic skills for their level this month.  Routines will be introduced in about a month but for now we are going to get those back handsprings and back tucks.  They’ll also learn some of the rules to competing.  We realize not everyone in this group will want to compete but it will still be fun to learn what the proper way is.

Man, I have rambled on for a long time.  Thank you if you got through this letter and haven’t fallen asleep!    Keep checking back to see all the new updates and exciting stuff we are working on.  Thank you for your support!


Coach Carrie