Tuition Letter for August and some advice about “Coaching From the Bench”

Hi Everyone,

I totally forgot to remind you all about tuition this month.  Please send that in as soon as you can if you haven’t already.  And of course if you pay by credit card I’ll be taking that off your card soon.  I appreciate you all!
Gym CLOSED August 22-26th
If you have friends that are interested in signing up let me know and I’d love to send out more information about us to them.  I really appreciate all you do and say to help our gym grow and be the best!  By the way because of our growth, the gym gets to send me to Texas to do a clinic at Bela Karolyi’s gym!!!  I’ll be learning some amazing stuff with Tami Biggs, one of USA Gymnastics most prestigious trainers.  If you want to compete with the big dawgs, you’ve got to learn from the big dawgs!  I can’t wait!
Some other things I’d like to talk about are “coaching from the bench.”  Not that this is a huge problem or anything.  I just thought I would give everyone some insight on this subject.  I realize that those who do do it have the best intentions.  They want there child to do well and succeed and are used to giving them advice.  But it doesn’t really help unfortunately.  I’ve read up on some studies and know this from my own experience what this can do.  First of all, the coach gets flustered because they feel like you think they aren’t doing a good job.  Second, the kid feels embarrassed that there parent is yelling things out to them to fix in front of there friends.  And one more really big thing is that it puts pressure on the kid that success at a trick matters to you and that love will come when they perform it to your specifications.  This doesn’t work unfortunately.  In all reality the performance level of the trick doesn’t really matter.  Your childs health, happiness, success in the world does not depend on them getting a trick perfect or at all.  Some kids need more time and some kids may never get it.  How sad it would be if your kid thought they weren’t loved if they weren’t the best at gymnastics.  Kids stop progressing.  They get scared of tricks because the pressure to get it sooner is hanging over there head, start to despise gymnastics because they think they are doing it for the parents and not themselves, and ultimately they give up.  I’ve seen the cycle.  Gymnastics is here to teach your children discipline, goal setting, respect, gain friendships, trust others and themselves, work hard for success instead of having it come easy.  I have a few students who’s parents could care less (I know they care but you know what I mean) if they did gymnastics or not and those kids are AMAZING!  The kids WANT to be there and they know that they have to earn that privilege.  We praise for so much more than just gymnastics.  We focus on good behavior, being nice to others, being helpful, showing kindness and support to everyone.  The tricks are the tools but it’s not the real goal.  Our real goal is to bring up loving, honest, hard working people and of course so much more.  Love them for all that they are and do.  Not just the trick.  So remember when you feel like yelling something out to them, think about what this will do and affect.  Thank you all for your understanding.
I’ll post this on the blog and you can feel free to comment on there or email me back if you like.  I hope I don’t come across harsh.  I truly love all of my parents and know that they are great supporters.
Coach Carrie

Team Pictures are done!

Hi Parents,

I slaved all night to get these done.  I’m in love with how they turned out.  You have such beautiful girls.  This will be available to buy in poster size so the girls can hang it on there wall in there bedrooms.  These prints will be about 30 inches long and 11 inches tall.  They will cost anywhere from 15.00-30.00 depending on who can do the printing.  I’m still investigating that.  Of course I’ll do whatever I can to get the cheaper print but I may not be successful.  Please let me know if you’re interested in getting one.  I will be giving out a cd of all the good pictures of the girls but they will not be edited.  If you think you’re going to print and want me to edit them, just let me know and I’ll fix one up for you and email it.  This is free of charge and my gift to you for being such wonderful people to work with.  Enjoy! – Coach Carrie


July’s Newsletter

Hi Big Rock Parents,

Just keeping you posted on our activities for the month.  Most of this is next months business but I thought I would let you know so you can get prepared.  I’m so glad you’ve decided to work through the summer doing gymnastics.  The kids are loving it even though it’s hot.  I just love all the progress we’ve made in each class.  Our Xcel girls are coming right along with getting there new routines.  They are exciting to see so come in and ask to watch them if your interested in showing your kids what team is all about!

END OF SUMMER PARTY – MOVIE NIGHT!!!  My wonderful coach Brittany had this great idea to a movie night at the gym.  The kids get to come watch a disney flick with us as there end of the season party.  We’ll have a few snacks there for the kids.  You won’t need to bring any.  We’ll cover that. Just bring pillows and blankets for them to get cozy on the floor.  Show up at 6:30 and we’ll get the moving in at 7:00 and wrap it up by 9:00.  This is a great opportunity for a free DATE NIGHT for you all.  All children are invited that are 5 and older.  Friends are welcome as well.  Kids will not be playing on the equipment so no need for waiver releases for the friends.

MOVIE NIGHT August 19th from 6:30-9:00



FALL REGISTRATION is coming up.  If you are already enrolled in a class and have done a new registration form for the year then you are fine. Remember, registration is due on your anniversary date of when you signed up.  If you signed up last fall – you’ll need to fill out another form and pay the 25.00 registration fee.  Please notify me or Mary 201-1099 if you will be joining us again for the fall season.  You’re child will most likely remain in the class they are currently in.  A few girls may be invited to the next level up.  You’ll get a notice via email or me seeing you at the gym letting you know that your child will move up.  Just ask me if you have any questions.

SUMMER BREAK, we’ll be taking a short recess to get ready for school.  The week that school starts we’ll be taking it off this year.  Coaches need to recoup and get there kids prepared and off to school as I’m sure you all are in need of as well.

NO GYM August 22-26th

I think that’s it everyone.  Thanks for reading this and staying on top of the news at the gym.  I love that most of you come in already knowing what the plan is.  Thanks as always for your support.  We really couldn’t do this without you.  It takes a village to raise a child!!


Coach Carrie