October Newsletter


We are having a fun month with the kids.  We’ve challenged the whole gym to come up with there own goal to achieve before Halloween week.  What amazing kids I must say!  They’ve all gotten into the spirit of it and love accomplishing there goals.  It’s been wonderful to see the amazement and satisfaction in there eyes.  The kids that haven’t achieved there goals haven’t given up hope, which has also been great to see.  We hope everyone gets their goals.

For there achievement they will be able to invite a friend to gymnastics on the week of the 25th -30th.  They will get to play fun games and show there friends a few tricks.  They’ll get to learn what it’s like to be the coach.  I know this puts a little stress on you guys because you’re the ones with getting it set up to bring a friend.  We thank you in advance for your effort.  We would like to see this gym grow and be profitable but we can’t do it without your support.  I think this party is good for everyone.  Kids will learn that rewards aren’t just candy and we’ll hopefully peek some interest from new kids.


The gym will NOT be closed for anything Halloween related. Just thought I would let you know but the next time off will be for Thanksgiving.  The days are:



Please remember that sometimes you may only come three times in a month because of these holidays.  You might feel a little gipped and I apologize.  But it all works out when you look at the calendar and see that there are there are many months that give you 5 times in a month to come without extra cost.  This should make up for our breaks.  It is important for you to understand that the monthly tuition is not based on how many times you come but that it holds your spot wether you are there or not.


This is for all the wonderful compliments we’ve gotten over the last little while. It’s always so nice to see them and know that we are doing a good job. Plus, we know that it’s always harder to receive a compliment vs. a complaint. We value these words more than you know. That’s why I’d like to share them. Thank you all so much! We really enjoy our jobs and love growing that same passion within your children.

I would like to thank you and Charly for everything. You guys have been so great with Casey. She is so happy and excited about Gymnastics she tells everyone:) I would like to also say thank you for being so understanding when she is having a “Shy moment” She gets tha

t way sometimes so thank you for being understanding. -Adrienne Craw

Thank you for working with Emily today. She really wants to achieve her goal, even though she didn’t reach it today in class. It there ever a time when she can come practice at the gym not during class time. She is very interested in doing that if it is possible.
Rachel Mills

Thanks so much for all you do for Tyler — he LOVES coming to gymnastics.

Melissa Winters

Thanks so much for all of your hard work and dedication! Both Alexis and Marissa have really benefited from your enthusiasm and expertise as a coach. I look forward to seeing you at the meet tomorrow!

Stacee McIff

I have a cool story to tell you about wha

t gymnastics has taught Anna so far! When she first started, they asked her to climb a rope and ring the bell at the top. She couldn’t do it and she came home so upset that she wasn’t good enough. I sat her down and told her that I wouldn’t be able to ring the bell today either, and that doesn’t mean she isn’t good enough, just that she needs to work hard. I promised her that if she would keep working on it her hardest everytime she went to the rope, it wouldn’t be long before she rings the bell. Sure enough, about 2 months later she got in the car all smiles because she rang the bell!!! Now, whenever something seems too hard, she remembers the rope and works harder because she knows that she CAN do it, she just has to keep trying. If she never learns anything else, that is a wonderful lesson for a young girl to learn! Thanks to you and your coaching staff for all you do!

Rachael Tanner

Thank you so much for all that you and Charlie have done for our kids. You both are such a great influence. I strongly believe that it takes a village to raise a child and I appreciate your help in making them great!
DonaMae Workman

I love your enthusiasm and the way that you push and challenge Ashlyn so keep up the great work! Thanks!
Michelle Morrill

Thank you for all the love, kindness and support you give to Jolie! You are such an awesome coach and person!!!
Trudi Bailey

Thank you for everything you do for these girls. Elyse loves coming each week and that is because of you and the atmosphere there, thanks!!!!

Rhonda Kunzler